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August 15, 2012
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State of Connecticut Immunization DPH Messaging

This interface enables users of the XCS eiConsole to quickly and correctly connect to CT DPH for demonstrating "Stage 1 Meaningful Use" by sending HL7 immunization (VXU_V04) messages and receiving real-time acknowledgments (ACK messages) for those orders. It also allows users to make use of the State of Connecticut Immunization DPH Messaging Portal, a web-based application that helps to automate the process of getting connected and tested.

The Connecticut Department of Health is committed to streamlining the process of sending, receiving, and testing HL7 immunization messages. This interface offers all of the documentation, samples, and testing tools you need to seamlessly integrate your internal systems with DPH.

Why automate your testing process?

By utilizing the State of Connecticut Immunization DPH Messaging Portal, you can significantly reduce the amount of time, effort, and money you would otherwise spend getting connected and providing immunization data.

What is self-service integration?

Self-Service Integration means that your IT staff does not need to wait for hours, days, or even weeks to get a response back to technical inquiries, or to receive feedback on the validity of a test file. All of the information you need to get started with your implementation is available from this web page. Once you have implemented, the majority of the integration testing is handled through our fully automated test harness. Payloads are validated against our processing rules in real-time, with results available immediately. The reduction in back-and-forth communication on the front end of the implementation process can slash timelines and expense by 80% or more.

This download includes a set of "paint-by-numbers" transaction templates that facilitate the adaptation of your various internal systems to the various HL7 messages accepted by DPH, including:

  • VXU_V04 Immunization Requests
  • HL7 ACK Acknowledgments

What are the steps I need to take to implement?

  1. Review the interface documentation, available on the right-hand side of this screen
  2. If desired, download the PilotFish XCS eiConsole
  3. If you are using the XCS eiConsole, click the "Download" button above to obtain the transaction templates
  4. Configure your interface to DPH, using the documentation and/or transaction templates
  5. Pre-certify your data format and connectivity by sending transactions to the automated test facility
  6. Contact DPH to configure your test and production accounts
  7. Redirect your transactions to the DPH production URL
  8. Perform final integration testing in conjunction with DPH
  9. Go Live

To register for the State of Connecticut Immunization DPH Messaging Portal, please visit the portal here.

Release Details

Initial release