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eiConsole 10.13R1
Release Date
October 12, 2012
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Data Mapping - Using Java Call-Outs
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This interface demonstrates how to use the eiConsole to separate a single data stream into multiple data streams each based on a subset of the original stream's contents for independent handling and processing.

Transaction splitting may be used when:

  • An incoming transaction contains multiple data payloads
  • An incoming transaction needs to have different components processed separately

Core Concepts:

  • Forking
  • XPath

How to Run This Example

You may run from the listener by configuring the attached environmental properties file, or from the eiConsole testing mode at any point in the process prior to the routing module itself, using the attached sample file Sample2.xml.

Sample2.xml will be broken up into multiple transactions, one for each "Attachment" in the document (there are three), each of which will be processed separately from the forking module.

How it Works

The forking module is configured in the Source format:

Viewing the Forking configuration, you will notice an XPath expression and namespaces; the namespaces define prefixes for the XPath configuration. The XPath defines which elements out of the original sample file will be output:

For each node evaluated by the XPath expression, a transaction is generated and passed downstream to the directory transport.


How to Use This Example

Download the interface using the Free Download button under the eiConsole Interface logo.

Note: if you are not logged in to the eiConsole, or have arrived at this page via a browser, you will be prompted to login before the interface downloads into your eiConsole "PIE" inbox.

Note: If you have not downloaded and installed a FREE Trial you will have the opportunity to register via a simple process after you click the Free Download button.. Once you are logged in the interface will automatically download into your "PIE" inbox.

Next, download one of the tutorials on this page (from the right column) and walk through it step-by-step. You may check your work against the provided Route (Sample Data).